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Apple, pear and Co. supply many valuable nutrients

Crisp apples, juicy oranges, sweet pears - fresh fruits taste great and are healthy. But even as juice has a lot to offer fruit. Whether for breakfast or as a nutrient- rich snack, a glass of juice can even replace a serving of fruit per day, according to the motto: five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. And juice not only tastes pure or as a spritzer. Also for baking, cooking or refining desserts fruit juices are good. On the basis of juice you can even easily make jelly or create delicious jams.

Vitamin Records: From Acerola to Mango

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Also fruit, which grow in this country, are full of nutrients.

The good - the extra dose of vitamins is included with fruit. Oranges and lemons are known for example as vitamin C suppliers, but who would have thought that the mango has the highest content of vitamin A of all known species of fruit? Or that pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that cleaves protein and can act as digestive aid? A true vitamin C is the giant native to Central and South America acerola fruit. It contains nearly 40 times as much vitamin C as an orange, which is why it is often added as a natural source of vitamin C fruit juices.

Valuable local fruit varieties

Also fruit, which grow in this country, are full of nutrients. Apples contain pectin, which will contribute to the regulation of digestion, blood fat and blood sugar. Pears are rich in vitamin B2, iron and contain a lot of protein and fiber. Can also be found in domestic gardens is the black currant: In addition to important ingredients such as potassium, calcium, and pectin, it has a high content of vitamin C on. Juice from local fruits, are used for the fruits from Germany and Austria, for example, offers "high C". Your additional natural vitamin boost to get the " high C Local Fruits " juices beyond the power of Vitamin C Acerola fruit.

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