The avocado fruit healthy multi talent

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The avocado was me known, but until recently it has rarely found again on my diet, most times as a thin strip in the sushi. The avocado is so healthy and delicious. And you can soooo do a lot with your...

Since then, however, I largely vegetarian feed myself, the avocado has become an integral part of my culinary life. The pear- shaped berry fruit has really impressed me. Since the avocado has a very high nutritional value, it is particularly well suited for the vegan kitchen.

The avocado is a multi-talent

I personally eat the avocado prefer raw on bread. One should make sure that the tray when pressed gives something, then the avocado is ripe. However, one can also buy unripe avocados, because they ripen. On bread, it tastes very good, if you seasoned with some herbs salt and pepper.

Also fried or filled with a baked tomato herb mixture, it tastes very good. As a cream, for example, as guacamole, which is used as a dip for tortilla very popular, it is also excellent. As already mentioned, it is very often used in Japan for vegetarian sushi. In Brazil, a vitamin drink and ice is made from the avocado like.

Also for the digestive system to the avocado are well suited. Some species are used in medicine for diarrhea or for controlled weight gain. Even for people who have problems with excess gastric acid and (heartburn, etc.), the avocado is good, because it is one of the basic food and can thus help balance the acid balance.

The other day I even found the Internet a tutorial on how you can grow your own avocado tree with the nucleus of an avocado. So you would always have a supply of delicious and universal crop. Unfortunately I do not have a garden and an avocado tree would probably blow up my apartment;-)